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The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) was established as the Australian Society of Indexers (AusSI) in Melbourne on 27 April 1976, to replace the Society of Indexers in Australia (a group of members of the Society of Indexers of the United Kingdom).

Its aims are to:

improve the quality of indexing in Australia and New Zealand

promote the training, continuing professional development, status and interests of indexers in Australia and New Zealand

provide opportunities for those interested in and connected with indexing to meet and exchange information and experiences relating to all aspects of indexing

act as an advisory body on indexing to which authors, editors, publishers and others may apply for guidance

establish and maintain relationships between the society and other bodies with related interests

raise awareness of the value of indexers, indexing and indexes

publish and disseminate information in accord with the foregoing aims.

Membership of the Society is open to people and institutions engaged in indexing, and to others interested in promoting the aims of the Society.

About Us

ANZSI Inc is the professional body for people and organisations in the Australasian area who are engaged in the process of professional indexing. It has been providing services to indexers for several decades, beginning as the Australian Society of Indexers in 1976.